Competitive Advantage

Think Globally, Act Globally

Leveraging global talent and streamlined processes significantly enhances competitive advantage and profitability.

Your competitor is already doing it

Successful outsourcing often leads to cost savings between 25% and 30% according to Gartner Research. Meta Group estimates that many organizations save 15% to 25% in their first year and then reach 35% to 40% as companies align operations. The outsourcing model is already being leveraged by 40% of the Fortune 500 companies including GE, Lucent, Oracle, Microsoft, and Motorola.

Expand your market

Limiting your point of view to one country or region inhibits your potential growth. If Google chose to restrict its operations to the United States, their revenue would drop 51%. And, 71% of Intel”s revenues are generated from overseas customers.

Why Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions?

Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions  industry-educated team operates on a 24-hour workday. When one team leaves for the evening, their global counterparts step in and continue to move projects along to completion. This process substantially reduces the time to market for new products and downtime on existing systems.