Global Delivery Model

Talent isn’t restricted by geography

Skills, ideas, and industry knowledge transcend national borders. Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions delivers significant business value for our clients through employing expert global talent. Highly educated specialists seamlessly partner with your operation to provide real world solutions for intricate business challenges. Our team maintains its expertise through constant learning and flexibility to innovation. Hands-on management ensures that projects are moved from concept to completion quickly and efficiently.

Proven methods, hands-on management

Proven methodologies guide our systematic processes to project management, software development, and engagement management. We offer best of breed solutions that improve client market share and competitiveness. Careful management and quality checks throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) ensure constant progress and lay the foundation for innovation. Rapid Application Development substantially shortens the time to market for new products and reduces time to deployment for software solutions.

Why Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions?

Minimize risks and maximize productivity through using industry-educated experts employing best of breed processes to generate innovative solutions.