Information is power

Companies that improved on three or more operational performance measures saved 44 percent on average, while companies that improved on two or fewer measures saved only 30% on average according to a study conducted by A.T. Kearney that focused on 42 blue-chip companies in various stages of outsourcing.

What is BPO?

Increased organizational productivity can be an elusive goal for dynamic companies constantly adapting to a changing marketplace. Managing non-core business activities often prevents your team from improving market share, enhancing business value, and furthering their domain expertise. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) transfers routine processes and tasks to our experienced, creative global workforce so your company can focus on its strategic objectives instead.

We maximize your operational efficiency by optimizing and simplifying processes involved in functional areas such as:

  • IT implementation & maintenance
  • Prepress services
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Customer service
  • Virtual Reception
  • Transcription Services
  • Data entry and conversion
  • Industry-specific processing services
  • Image and document scanning

Reducing business cycle time enhances your competitive advantage and lowers overhead expenditures. Aligning and streamlining IT functions frequently improves customer service and frees up valuable resources for strategic expansion.

Benefits of BPO

Increased productivity of people and systems generates measurable cost savings and efficiencies. Transitioning tasks such as data entry, processing, and reconciliation to Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions capable team increases your organization’s flexibility and productivity. Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions serves as a single point of contact for BPO operations, eliminating the need for multiple vendors or subcontractors and improving the response time for support issues. Your systems need to operate consistently and smoothly everyday. Our team is accessible throughout our 24 hour workday to ensure that occurs.

Recent market research conducted by SAP concludes that most companies who choose to outsource business processes gain access to cutting edge technology that they wouldn’t have been able to access or implement on their own. Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions integrates cutting edge technology with best of breed methodologies to achieve the results our clients demand. Projects are executed with unparalleled speed and high accuracy. Checks and approvals are scheduled at key points within the transition process so that your business operates with minimal disruption.

Why Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions?

Forward thinking companies seeking a fluid transition, collaborative team, and process expertise look to Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions. Our high quality services are tailored to the dynamics and demands of companies operating in today’s global environment. Our global team possesses uniform skill levels in their competency areas; we maintain rigorous Centers of Excellence (CoE) within our BPO practice.

Our Advantages

  • Responsive, experienced, on-demand team
  • Fluid transfer of operational processes and routines reduces business disruption
  • Business value and cost savings generated by increased productivity
  • Global advantage of utilizing a team that manages your project 24/7/365
  • Cost savings generated by employing a global workforce