Customer Care

Customer Care Begins at the Beginning

Successful businesses transition one time purchasers to long term customers through holistic customer care strategies that begin with the customer’s initial experience. Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions partners with forward-thinking companies from around the world to manage customer service experience and brand perceptions through streamlined, efficient operations.

Efficiencies and Consistency

Workflow and business process experts review your current customer service operations to determine where efficiencies can be created without sacrificing service. Our global workforce provides a fresh perspective on complex business issues such as how to meld customer service organizations after an acquisition. Consistency across service channels is a key objective of each engagement. Process improvements deliver bottom line results and often improve customer satisfaction.

Once a strategic course of action has been routed, on-demand customer care associates and skilled engineers partner with you to seamlessly transition routine processes and services. Outsourcing time-intensive tasks to a third party enables your staff to focus on core objectives.

Why Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions?

Our global experts, culture of innovation, and cutting edge technological solutions enable us to provide long term solutions that generate short term results. Our key advantages include:

  • Creative, streamlined customer care solutions that deliver solid business value
  • Increased profitability through higher customer retention
  • Cost savings realized by utilizing a global workforce