Financial Accounts

Smart money bets on change

Today’s CFOs face a wealth of challenges as their dynamic operations enter new markets and strive to become (or maintain) industry leadership. 52% of CFOs indicated in a recent survey that the need to maintain standardized processes and technologies across their finance organization was a top concern as their corporation grew organically or acquired other companies. 42% cited the difficulty of finding a skilled workforce to support the organization’s efforts and growth in new markets. Controlling the cost of delivering finance and accounting services would be a “major win” according to over half of finance executives. (Accenture, 2008)

Performance Matters

“High performance” is now a requirement for every discipline in a corporation – from IT and manufacturing to finance and accounting. Maintaining in-house financial expertise and process standardization is often more cost prohibitive than cost effective as companies change or expand. Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions on-demand, highly educated Finance and Accounting practice marries leading edge technology with financial knowledge, delivering cost effective, accurate solutions for our clients.

Our Process

Skilled global practitioners partner with your team to develop holistic short and long term strategic financial solutions that encompass infrastructure, processes, and technology. Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions offers comprehensive financial accounts solutions for both online and paper processes; we aim to improve service levels and turnaround time within each process. By automating when possible, we multiply the benefits of employing a global workforce. Additionally, outsourcing routine tasks enables your staff to focus on business goals instead of non-core competencies.

Our experts work with your business to ensure a friction-less transition and implementation. Within the Finance and Accounting practice, we maintain Centers of Excellence (CoE) that monitor technological innovations and maintain our high quality through extensive continuing education. Our global team delivers rapid project progress throughout our 24-hour workday – passing deliverables off to one another as the sun sets on their day.

Why Narayanamoorthy Info Tech Solutions?

  • Creative, cost-effective financial and accounting solutions.
  • Short and long term holistic strategic planning.
  • Increased productivity of your internal team and processes.
  • Improved vendor relationships by streamlining operations.
  • Cost savings generated by employing a global workforce.
  • Global advantage realized through rapid project and task completion.